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One of the reasons why the sport is so exciting is the opportunity to face great challenges and overcome them.

Precisely these desire to overcome oneself are those that inspire more than one person to take the bike, go jogging, get into the pool or start doing any sport.

In all disciplines, there are more challenging competencies than others. In the case of cycling, there is one that stands out for its particularity, which is already seen in its name: Everesting.

What is it?

As can be deduced, Everesting owes its name to Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

The reason why he calls himself is simple, his goal is for a cyclist to cover a distance of 8,848 meters (height of the iconic mount) ascending the same route at once, without resting.

“ It is a physical and mental challenge, for most cyclists it will be an effort of 20-24 hours. After an elevation of 6,000 meters, the legs begin to fail. Then it is the head that has to take command to add the remaining 2 848 meters, ”said Guy Litespeed, one of the greatest specialists in this test.


In order for a cyclist’s route to be valid for Everesting, the following rules must be followed:

-Get a total elevation of 8,848 meters.

-Follow a route on a climb.

– Get off the same route you have climbed.

-You can’t sleep. The challenge of a roll must be completed.

-Rests (to eat, drink, etc.) are included in the final time.

-You have to reach the top of the road every time.

-You must get down carefully to get home safely.

-There is no time limit.

If a cyclist is successful, he can upload his route at everesting.cc. Once approved, the cyclist will get a spot in the Hall of Fame and receive the coveted gray striped jersey.