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Going for a run every day is an activity that brings a large number of health benefits, as well as being a competitive and challenging sport.

However, there are times when the obligations of everyday life simply prevent it from being possible to go jogging or spend the desired amount of time.

For these situations, the idea is to have a training plan that focuses on taking advantage of every minute. This way you will be getting the most out of a short workout.


Janet Hamilton, the exercise physiologist and running trainer, recommends the following tips to get the most out of workouts when you are short on time:

1 Increase the pace

The faster you run, the harder the training will be, emphasizes Hamilton. When you do not have the time to run for an hour, you can always run about 6 kilometers to about three-quarters of our maximum capacity, he recommended.

2 Decrease recovery

By training intervals, the recovery period can be reduced to save some time and, at the same time, increase the effort. “The benefit of reducing recovery time is that you increase the intensity of training,” he said.

3 Add reference points

Hamilton recommends increasing the effort for 60 seconds, up to two minutes. The trick is to have benchmarks to achieve, such as 30 seconds, can make you, without realizing it, run too hard because you only have to hold them for a short period.

4 Add slopes

Adding slopes to workouts, even if the goal race is flat, it can increase speed and strength. In the case of runners who are not used to running hills, Hamilton advises starting slowly. “An easy way to add hills to your career without doing a complete workout is to choose a route with hills, which means you will be going up and down. That will increase the intensity of your career and develop the strength of the hip, ”he said.