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Group classes in gyms have been installed as one of the best alternatives for people who are just beginning to exercise, as well as for those who have a little more work to stay motivated.

Training in a group offers great benefits since the dynamics created favor assistance and the environment is usually pleasant.

How to get the most out of it?

When deciding to attend group classes in a gym or sports unit, it is important to take some of the following considerations:

1 Carry the necessary

It is advisable to go with a backpack where the necessary things are packaged for routines, such as comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes, exercise towels, water, shower towel and clean clothes, lockers and lock, membership card.

2 Arrive in advance time

Arriving early to class, especially the first day, gives time to meet the session monitor and who will be the classmates.

3 Talk to the instructor

Arriving in advance allows you to approach the instructor and tell him that it is the first time you go to class, especially if you have joined the group on the go. The instructor will explain how the classes work, the different levels there are and propose alternative exercises at times of maximum difficulty.

4 Heating

Before starting the session, it is essential to warm up. The instructor can be asked if there will be warm-up exercises at the beginning of the session, but it never hurts to perform a good warm-up to activate the body.

5 Listen to the body

When a class of this type is first practiced, movements are usually made to which we are not accustomed. Therefore, we must know how to listen and interpret the warnings and signals that our body throws. If you need to stop during an exercise, you should notify the instructor.