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Whether due to work or the various day-to-day obligations, a large number of people can enjoy some free time until night comes. And although it may seem a little late to go jogging, the reality is that it is an ideal schedule.

Going for a run at night brings some benefits: exposure to the sun’s UV rays is avoided, there are fewer distractions than during the day (cars, pedestrians, other runners), better air quality, etc.

This means that night runners can concentrate better on their training, running technique and rhythm.


To make the most of night racing without neglecting security, it is recommended to follow some basic guidelines:

1 Go on the trails .- When there is not much light, it is advisable to get away from the roads. Ideally, run on beaches or trails that are nearby.

2 Know the route well.- Before running a route at night, make sure you have run it before, so you will know about the main risk areas and the dangers of the route. If you go jogging often at night, it is worth investing in a decent flashlight.

3 Tell someone else about the tour. – Ideally, go jogging with a partner, but if not possible, it is recommended to tell someone else about the tour, leave a note or carry the cell phone on top.

4 Do not eat too much before running .- It is better not to eat too much before going for a run, whatever the time. If you are going to run at night, make sure your meal includes some chicken, pasta and fruit.

5 Be noticed.- To be visible at night, you need a bright, reflective and warm kit. It is recommended to wear a reflective vest, or at least clothes with strips that reflect the headlights of cars.

6 Vary the sessions. – Another advantage of running at night is that it gives a lot of flexibility to prepare the training sessions and routines. Some races can be specific sessions, such as the repetitions of kilometers, or they can be constant races of 8 to 12 km.