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Starting to run is the first step to enter the world of benefits offered by sport and physical activity. If you have just taken this important step, surely you have a lot of doubts about how much to run, where, at what intensity, etc.

It is common to have so many doubts, especially when a new activity is just beginning, and the world of running is no exception.

For new riders to enjoy the benefits of training without complicating life further, it is recommended to follow some tips, such as:

1 Where do I start running?

The ideal option to start running is to look for a varied terrain without traffic (or at least not too much), in which there is a diversity of climate. City runners must run against the flow of cars. When running on park trails or paths, it is best to stay in the right direction. On the track, running against the hands of the clock and staying away from the interior lines is ideal.

2 How long should I run?

In the beginning, rather than focusing on the duration of the training, you should plan to run when you feel like doing it. It’s that simple. Many runners realize that it is easier to establish a training schedule over time. You should find the duration that works most for each case.

3 How to start?

In the beginning, you should train with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčaccustoming the body to the activity and strengthening it. Regardless of duration or intensity. With the passing of the weeks, the intensity should be gradually increased. To do it correctly, it is recommended to seek the advice of a personal trainer.

4 How fast should I go?

A common way to measure the intensity of the race at the beginning is to look at the way of speaking. That is, if we can sing, we go very slowly; If we gasp when we talk, we go pretty fast. Ideally, you can have a conversation without a problem while running.

5 Should I run every day?

No way. It is important to give the body some time to recover. All training plans must include at least 1 or 2 days of total rest.